About Fist Assist Devices, LLC

The Fist Assist FA-1 device is manufactured by Fist Assist Devices, LLC, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fist Assist Devices was founded by Dr. Tej Singh, a renowned vascular, endovascular, and vascular access surgeon at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr. Singh invented the Fist Assist FA-1 device because he saw a need in his practice to help patients increase circulation. He sought out to design and develop an at-home, minimally-invasive device that patients could use to increase circulation, primarily in the arms.

Today Fist Assist is actively selling their novel devices in Europe, India, Australia, and the United States.


About AIROS Medical

AIROS Medical, Inc., operates this website. AIROS is a medical device manufacturer, engineer, and distributor specializing in compression therapy.

AIROS’ product line includes multiple pneumatic compression therapy device and garment systems designed to treat lymphedema and venous complications such as Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI).

AIROS is the exclusive distributor of the Fist Assist FA-1 device in the United States.