Increase Circulation in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Fist Assist FA-1
Increase circulation & reduce pain

Increase Circulation & Reduce Pain

Patients use the FA-1 device to increase circulation in the arm. The device is worn above the elbow and below the shoulder and provides air compression cycles.

Easy to Use: 1-button operation

Easy to Use: 1-Button Operation

This battery-operated device is connected to a comfortable band that inflates and deflates with air, squeezing the arm in a specific sequence that increases circulation.

No Script Required

No Script Required

Increased circulation in the arms can benefit patients in many ways. No script is required for the FA-1 device. Learn more to see if this device can help you.

How Can It Help You?

How the FA-1 Device Works

After powering the device on, the FA-1 goes through pressure cycles causing the air bladder in the band to inflate to 60mmHg of pressure. The pressure is held for 20 seconds.

The air bladder is then deflated, and a minimal pressure is held for 55 seconds until the next inflation to 60mmHg begins.

The cycle repeats continuously until the power is turned off. The device will turn off automatically after 1 hour of continuous use.

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FA-1 Device


Product Features & Physiological Benefits

The FA-1 device is an externally applied physical device that can be worn at home and is ideal for patients seeking to increase circulation and reduce pain.

✓ FDA-Cleared device

✓ Small & lightweight

✓ Easy to use with 1-button operation

✓ Increase circulation

✓ Relieve muscle aches & pains

✓ No script required